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Compare Advertising Options:

  • 90% of Americans listen to radio each week – at home, at work and in the car.
  • 98% of Hispanics between the ages of 35 – 54 listen to radio weekly.
  • 23% of Americans regularly read newspapers, down from 54% a decade ago.
  • 57% of online ads may be “viewed” by bots, not humans, for pay-per-clicks, reports the Financial Times.
  • 47% of TV viewers record programs and skip or fast forward through commercials.

Compare Value:

  • Radio is the most reasonable advertising option with rates as low as $7 – $10 per spot.
  • Compare this to $500 and up for a single run newspaper advertisement with a once per week exposure.
  • All print media ends up in the land fill and wastes resources.
  • Frequency and repetition are known strategies to embed ideas and concepts.
  • Radio is the best “word of mouth” advertising.
  • Everyone tunes in to radio for emergency updates and community announcements.
  • Jingles and slogans repeated provide branding and product recognition.